Welcome to The Yoga Co-op

Located at 87 Germain Street, 2nd Floor, in beautiful Uptown Saint John, NB

Yoga is for everybody. Please remember that safety comes from within. When we listen to our bodies, we maintain a safe and healthy practice. Yoga is an individual practice and, as such, will look differently on each mat. We look forward to sharing our space with you!

See below or click here for our Fall schedule:

Summer Solstice class 2013

Fall 2013 (effective September 9th)

Noon Yoga ( classes begin at 1210 and finish at 1255)
530pm Meditation and Yin Yoga
7pm Spirited Vinyasa Program (6 weeks)*

530pm Vinyasa Flow

Noon Yoga (classes begin at 1210 and finish at 1255)
530pm Gentle Yoga
7pm Intro to Yoga/Back to Basics Program (6 weeks)**

530pm Vinyasa Flow

* Spirited Vinyasa begins on September 30th. Cost is $50 for 6 weeks, drop ins and card holders welcome.
** Intro program begins again on November 6th. Cost is $50 for 6 weeks. This is a very popular program, so please register beforehand so we can make sure to have enough room!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Yoga Co-op

  1. Hi
    Iam wondering if you still have room in your beginner class starting Nov. 6, I would like to sign up for it. Please let me know.
    Thanks Mary Dobson

    • Hi Mary,

      At the moment we are full, however I am waiting for reply from a few people to make sure they are coming.

      I will put your name down if they cancel and will let you know either way!

      Thanks for your interest,

      The Yoga Co-op

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